When a Zig isn’t enough try a Zag

I have been in the Sales and Marketing field longer than most internet marketers have been alive. I bought my first computer in 1985 and it set in my office for a year before we figured out what to do with it. That was before there was an online anything. I remember in the early to mid 90’s hearing about bulletin boards including CompuServe and AOL among a few others. It is hard to believe how much technology has changed in just the past couple of decades. The days of the door to door salesmen is pretty much history, face to face selling is becoming less common.  Although the sales and marketing methods have changed, true salesmanship and the keys to success will never change.

I started out in the sales field armed with a copy of “See You at the Top” in 1980 and while I won’t go into detail here, I will say 90% of the battle for success is definitely mental. Anyone who has had a successful sales career knows the toughest sale is always yourself. On average only 1 in 20 salespeople made it through the first year back when I started.

I knew nothing about sales when I started at 19, but I was successful anyway. I am not going to say it was easy, but in a very short time I was the top salesperson in a company with several offices and over 50 salespeople. I simply didn’t know at that time that selling was supposed to be hard, I was too young and inexperienced to know any better. It is only when we get more experienced that we learn why people won’t buy. This turned out to be a very valuable early lesson in a Freedomental mind.

I went through the same struggles and self doubts in my early years as many successful people do. I had family and friends wondering when this phase was going to end and when I was going to get a real job.  Well that phase lasted for the next 20 years. I built one of the top water treatment dealerships in the country and the largest in my state. I set sales records that to my knowledge were never broken and I have trained countless salespeople that also went on to become success’s in their own businesses.

Since those days I have been successful in other ventures as well, but that does not mean I have not been affected by the current business climate just as many others have.  What it does mean is that no matter what happens in the economy, with the proper mindset anyone can make it, no matter what field you are in.

Your business must be successful between your ears first, or it will never be successful anywhere else. This is the hardest part of making it as a business person, but the most overlooked and least understood. This is the first step and prerequisite of  any successful business.

I wrote this on an index card in 1980 and have kept it all these years:

Zag – you are a one of a kind an original, no one can say or know what you can achieve, but you. You were put here by God in his image and you are the sole creator of your life. You were not put here to fail, you were designed & created for success. Whether you succeed or fail will be by your choice alone, because God gave you the freedom to choose.

Zag Zagler

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