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Are You Living or Existing?

This is a Natural Law, from which you cannot escape, “when you cease to grow (live with purpose & passion) you will start to die”. If you are simply existing and not living a life full with passion you probably have been infected with a common but deadly disease:


Fear – Uncertainty – Doubt

You are not engineered to simply exist, you are in fact engineered in the image of greatness to achieve greatness

You were  Born to Live  not exist  


Do Any of the following sound familiar?

  • Are you living your life or are you simply existing?
  • Are you afraid of an uncertain future because you lost your job?
  • Are you in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s and have lost your savings or retirement?
  • Are you ashamed of something in your past?
  • Are you a recovering millionaire? You had it and lost it?
  • Are you stuck?
  • Are you playing the if game?  If I had only……………
  • Are you a salesperson with flat or falling sales?
  • Are you concerned what others think about you?
  • Do you dread Monday mornings?
  • Do you feel the best of your life has already past?


I could go on and on, but if any of these things apply to you; you probably have a bad case of the FUD and it can only be cured by a  freedomental mind.






1. Freeing the mind of limiting thoughts and belief

2. Opening the mind to endless possibilities

3. Connecting to the infinite (Gods power)

4. Unlimited Faith – Acting as if, Before it is, Knowing it will be!



You and you alone hold the key to your freedom. You will determine your level of happiness and how fulfilling or abundant your life will be.

You have the ability to achieve any level of success, wealth, health or happiness you desire – unless you give that control away. If you have the F.U.D you are allowing outside circumstances, your environment or others control you and you are where you are right now, good or bad, because of it.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe a word I am saying, because if you are not leading the life you desire  and believe you have No Control over your future; nothing will change! But you had better wake up because…….

 Whether you think you can change or think you can’t; you are absolutely correct ! 


Many of you mistakenly  believe that positive thinking is the answer to being healthy, happy & financially free.

This is NOT Correct!

This is why you may have become frustrated when many of the books you have read have not produced the results desired in your life. Most of the books you read are not putting all the ingredients together or in the right format to produce any significant results in your life. Would you like to know what ingredients you must have to live a free and fulfilling life. The Freedomental Life consist of the following:

  Thought – Feeling – Action

These ingredients are not optional, and it is not difficult you just need the right instruction to use them and I am going to show you how. Why? Because that is what I am supposed to do, as someone who is leading a freedomental life. And if I help you up the hill I am closer to the top myself.

Those leading a freedomental life know their belief system alone is responsible for it?  They know it was not a random act of luck or fate! Most importantly they use all three ingredients.

Success or Failure is reached by choice not by chance!

Are you ready to free your mind?

The Game of Life is Yours Alone to Win or Lose!

You are never out of the game and you can’t lose – Unless You Quit!


You must take Action Today, before you run out of Tomorrows!

Are you ready for “A Life On Fire” Its Yours Today as a special Free Gift from me and my friends at Healthy, Wealthy-n-Wise with no strings or commitment of any kind. We truly want you to live a freedomental life.

Remember it is not your fault if life gets you down, but it is if you stay down!



Success must exist in your mental world before it can manifest in your physical one.

Your defining  freedomental ™moment is when the two meet!

freedomental live free

Take the first step towards your Freedomental life without limitations right now!

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