Harness the Power of Emotions & Feelings...

There is a valuable lesson here...Sex..The Most Powerful Human Emotion Can Propel You To Success!

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Born to Live!

Thoughts and Feelings Create your World

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Awesome Power...

....All the oceans of the world cannot equal the Energy of Thought!

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Everybody has a bad day once in a while!

Everybody gets off track, Its only a problem if you don't adjust your course...

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Free Your Mind - Conquer Your Fears!

Worry and Fear is like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but gets you nowhere! Did you know it is impossible to have faith and worry at the same time? So every time you worry, you have temporarily lost your faith.

Freedom Years Not Retirement Years

Not only should you never retire, but your freedom years can start at any age! Many leave this world too early because they enter their retirement years and lose their purpose. They mistakenly believe they are finished. It is a universal law you are either growing or dying. It is your Freedom Years, Live & Grow!

Everything is First Born from a Thought

Everything you can see, touch or feel started as a thought. God created man in his image and gave him the power of creation. You create your life by thoughts first, then come feelings/emotion to bring about the action needed to put in all in place.

Open Mind, Let Go, Live!

Don't take life to seriously and enjoy the journey. We have a flawed tendency to feel guilty if we are doing what we really enjoy doing. Why? After all Life itself is a sexually transmitted terminal disease!

Life is a self fulfilling prophesy, I proved this to be fact after 30+ years of testing and living it. Everything I have focused on good or bad, (it works both ways you know), has manifested in my life! I have been blessed because I understand Gods greatest gift, even though I was tested with failures and rough roads to fully appreciate and understand it. Everything on this site is based on that experience. Dallas "Zag" Zagler